Our team

EFCC hires uniquely Khmer people, in order to invest in the local economy. The founders and volunteers do not receive any salary or compensation of any kind.


Co-Founder and Administrator

Jean-Michel co-founded and financed setting up the project with Graham. Together, they set the strategic orientation of EFCC. He divides his time between France and Cambodia. He manages the general administration of the association, its finances, and its partners.


Co-Founder and Executive Director

Originally from Scotland, Graham now lives in Cambodia. He manages the centre on a daily basis and trains the staff.


Director of the centre

Socheat comes from the province of Kampong Thom. He now works closely with Graham and Jean-Michel on administrative tasks, and on the relations with the Cambodian ministries and other NGOs. He also makes sure that everything goes well each day at the centre. Furthermore, he uses the team sports sessions to teach the children to help each other and work together.

Oumla, Oumchhroy and Sreyhouy


Our two cooks and their assistant are there everyday to ensure food supplies and stewardship. They go to the market and prepare more than a hundred meals each day.

Sreyvath, Davy, Rachana, Roth and Paris


Our five teachers give English, Khmer and mathematics lessons. Sreyvath teaches the junior class (6-7 years old), Davy the intermediaries (7-9 years old), Rachana and Roth the senior class (10 years and older). Paris takes care of the children that arrived recently at the centre and need to learn everything from scratch.

Rotha et Sonita

Montessori teachers

Rotha and Sonita were trained to the Montessori pedagogy by an officially recognised trainer. Rotha leads the Montessori preschool classroom for the youngest (3 to 6 years old), assisted by Sonita. This pedagogy favours autonomy and curiosity. 



Nan drives the van everyday to get the children from their villages in the morning and take them back after school. He is very close to the children, with whom he loves to play football.

The Volunteers

The team is strengthened by the continuous presence of volunteers at the centre. They bring the NGO precious help at many levels: they organise sports and artistic activities and take part in the daily life of the centre. Depending upon their profile, they also help with communications, administrative tasks, and fundraising.