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The majority of parents work from dawn until dusk, seven days a week, earning a very low salary. The extreme poverty they live in does not allow them to feed their children properly, to take them to the doctor, and even less to enroll them into school. Even though public school is free in Cambodia, there are additional costs (buying uniforms, paying the teachers, paying for meals, etc.). Before joining EFCC, none of our children had ever been to school.



Individual sponsorship brings human and financial support to a child, and allows them to have a future full of hope.Thanks to you, your godchild will be fed, schooled, and will receive health care. You will also support them personally in each moment of their life, until they become autonomous.

The sum given by sponsors every month goes back to the collectivity as a whole to avoid creating disparities between children who do not receive the same amount or do not have a sponsor. Sponsors regularly receive news of the children (letters, videos, pictures…).

A nice gesture that allows these children to get the opportunity of a brighter and better future!



You can also sponsor the NGO as a whole. By doing so, you bring regular support to the development of the centre, our projects, and our work with the children. Opting for this form of sponsorship entails regularly receiving news of not one but all children of EFCC! Collective sponsors regularly receive news, photos, and videos of all the children of EFCC.

Good to know !

Tax deductibility (for French nationals only; for other nationalities, please check with your tax department): as an individual sponsor, you benefit from a tax deduction of 75% on a donation up to 530€ a year. Above this sum, you benefit from a tax deduction of 66%, as long as the donation represents less than 20% of the net taxable income.

They are waiting for you !


Sambo is 7 years old. He joined the centre with his sister Lisa in 2015. They live with their family in the village of Russei. Teasing and very playful, Sambo makes sport activities a pleasure. However, he also shows seriousness in class and diligence. His distinctive sign? Never without his pair of red flip flops !


Navy will soon be 8 years old. She lives in Russei with her little sister and her parents who work in the dump. She doesn’t go unnoticed: she is always with her friends Sokbin and Savanarosa during sport activities and at the table during lunch ! Despite some difficulties in English, Navy keeps her spirits up and continues her efforts.


Menghong is 6 years old. Arrived a year ago at the centre, she now fully fits in. In class as in sport activities, this little one is involved and dynamic. Always smiling, she became a real ray of sunshine at the EFCC. Menghong lives in the village of Russei with her father, taxi-moto driver, her mother who stays at home and her little brother.


Sina is 6 years old and is the eldest of his family. He lives in Russei with his parents who work in the dump and his little sister. Always up for a football game, he has trouble channeling his energy. Even if he has some difficulties at school, Sina has ambition: he wants to become an engineer and build bridges when he grows up.


Measmey is 5 years old. She lives in Ruls with her two sisters and her mother, who works hard to provide for her family. Measmey is a reserved little girl but diligent at school. She likes to learn and wants to become a teacher.


Bunthim is almost 8 years old. Raised by his grandparents, he is also from the village of Russei. Bunthim is a very smiling little boy, full of willing but rather shy. He is also very brave, as he was able to show us during visits to the dentist!

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