Why help us ?

By becoming EFCC’s partner, you help us promote children’s rights and contribute to the development of Cambodia. It also means bringing your clients and employees together around strong human values. 

There are many ways to collaborate with EFCC, regardless of the nature or size of your organisation. They all help us to carry our mission and keep developing.

Good to know: tax deductibility! As a company based in France, you can benefit from a deduction on your income tax or on the company’s amounting to 60% of the donation (within the limit of 5/1000 of the pre-tax annual turnover). If the donation represents more than 20% of the taxable income, the excess is carried forward to the five following years and gives right to tax deductibility under the same conditions.

If you want to start a partnership of any kind with EFCC or have questions, please contact us at

7 ways of acting alongside us for cambodia’s children

offer your employees the possibility to round up the amount (cents) of their salary at the end of each month and give the difference to EFCC.
contribute a portion of the sales performance of a product or a event (concert, marathon, bake sales, etc).
one of your employees can join our team for a few weeks to contribute their expertise.
computers, furniture, school supplies, clothes; everything that we might need!
finance the opening of a new classroom, the acquisition of computer equipment, etc. To know more about our ongoing projects, contact us at
support us through a one-off or regular donation. You can either dedicate the sum to EFCC or to one of our projects (education, food, healthcare, support to the families). A donation of 1000€ allows a new child to be fed, housed, healed and schooled for a year.
EFCC can carry on its mission thanks to the continuous support of volunteers, sponsors, donors and partners. By spreading the word around you and sharing our Facebook and Instagram posts, you allow us to mobilise even more support and to grow as an organisation. A small gesture with a big impact !

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