About EFCC

The European Foundation for Cambodian Children (EFCC) is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) that was created in 2014. EFCC operates in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, where it seeks to help children get out of the poverty trap and to give them a brighter future thanks to quality education. We focus our efforts in four domains: education, food, healthcare, and family support.

Our mission : to give Phnom Penh’s vulnerable children a decent future.


volunteers each month


kilos of rice given to the families each month


hours of class taught by our teachers each month


children taken care of at the centre

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  • EFCC is a trustworthy NGO for which I had the chance to volunteer. I will always remember the dedication of the founders, the professionalism of the staff, and more than anything else, the joy of the children. Each donation counts, so do not hesitate to help us!  

    Marine – volunteer from June to August 2016.
  • Serious and full of energy, this NGO has a promising future!

    Hugo – volunteer from January to July 2015
  • An NGO with a huge heart, that fights for the poorest children of Phnom Penh. It promises great projects for the future! I support EFCC a hundred percent.

    Océane – volunteer from September to November 2016
  • I have always felt very concerned by children's rights. That's why I have been sponsoring two children from another NGO for years. But when I saw this little girl, Reaksa, on EFCC's Facebook page, I couldn't say no. I am so happy to get news from her and to see her grow. I cannot wait to go to Cambodia to meet her and discover her country.

    Frédérique – Reaksa’s sponsor for 3 years
  • I wanted to volunteer in an NGO for years. Someone talked to me about EFCC, and I decided to apply. I am now back in France, after an amazing couple of months in an NGO that gives and will keep giving everything to the children. I am now Samphos’ sponsor, a great way for me to keep supporting EFCC!

    Marie – volunteer from October to December 2017 and sponsor of a little girl

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