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One big step forward

Dear readers, 

We are very happy to share with you the evolution of one of our biggest projects: the Ritual Café! This social and solidarity coffeeshop aims at ensuring a steady and recurring income to the NGO as well as welcoming new children. 

Thanks to you, we made a great step forward and we reach the objective of our crowdfunding. We collected the necessary amount of money to launch the coffee shop. Thank you very much to all of you! 

We are very proud to introduce once again our partnership with MYCS, a German start-up specialized in tailor-made furniture and the NGO l’Ecole du Bois (EDB) which offers to young underprivileged Cambodians high-quality carpentry trainings. Thanks to a generous donation from MYCS, we will be able to order tailor-made pieces of furniture from l’Ecole du Bois. 

MYCS is a young company offering a service similar to the one of l’Ecole du Bois in certain ways. Indeed, through an online configurator, MYCS’ customers can personalize their future pieces of furniture. From shelves to tables, this start-up combines quality, personalization, and unicity. In this way, MYCS cleverly promotes both our social project and EDB trainings which are close to its core business. 

We are also very happy to work with l’Ecole du Bois as we share their values. We are proud to support a local player involved in social projects similar to ours. Every piece of furniture made by l’Ecole du Bois will be unique and made from recycled wood, which will make our coffeeshop original and unique. 

We want to welcome our customers in a warm and comfortable atmosphere. For example, we want to install bookshelves and different models of tables (collective, individual…) adapted to different types of activities. 

We are very excited to see all these elements progressively fill the place so as to welcome you in the best conditions. We hope to see you soon! 

One big step forward