The mission of EFCC is to break the poverty cycle of Phnom Penh’s underprivileged children and to accompany them in their education and towards employment. Today, the centre welcomes around sixty children in a safe and healthy environment. They are provided with access to education, health care, and a healthy diet. In their villages, the children may represent a significant workforce and source of income for their parents. To compensate for this potential loss of income, bags of rice are regularly distributed to the families.

We are striving to give the children a brighter and better future and for them to get involved, thanks to a quality education, in the reconstruction and development of their country. Getting children into school is the best way to fight poverty. Education is therefore our prime mission.

EFCC provides long-term support to the children until their total autonomy – when they finish their studies or vocational training and enter the labour market.

Our actions are made possible by the generosity of our sponsors and donors. The entirety of our monetary donations directly fund our work with the children.

Our actions


Many of the children we take care of present nutritional deficiencies. Some have suffered from stunted growth and chronic diseases linked to bad eating habits.

To remedy to this, EFCC provides the children with healthy lunches and afternoon snacks along with vitamin supplements which are crucial for their physical and intellectual development.


The children take a shower when they arrive at the centre every morning. We encourage good hygiene practices by teaching them to brush their teeth twice a day and wash their hands before every meal. Minor injuries are treated at the centre’s infirmary. We take the children to the doctor or to the hospital whenever it is necessary. The NGO pays for all of the costs minus a small amount we ask the parents to contribute to make aware of their responsibilities and give them the habit of integrating health care in their budget.

The children go to the dentist regularly thanks to a partner NGO, Cambodia World Family.  They also benefit from free eye tests and ears, nose and throat screening thanks to our partners.

Family help

EFCC is not a substitute for the children’s families but seeks to act alongside them to ensure the good development of their kids. We are thus doing all we can to build strong and lasting cooperative relationships with the parents.

By putting their children to school, we take a source of income from them. To compensate for this loss of income, we give the families a material help each month (rice, bread, medication, clothes).

Our actions