The families that we help live with less than five dollars a day in unsafe housings made of wooden boards and metal sheets. Most parents work in the dumps or in factories. Some children suffer from poor nutrition and unhealthy living conditions which can result in stunted growth and chronic diseases.

That’s where EFCC comes in to give these children the opportunity of a better life by giving them access to education. We make sure that each and every morning, the children of Ruls, Baku and Russei take the road of the centre.

Our NGO now welcomes around sixty children between 3 and 17 years old.

We want to give them decent living conditions and the hope of a better future. The aim of EFCC is to extend this support to every child from these three villages, before we expand our help to other families from neighbouring villages.


Lives with his two parents, his brother and his sister in Russei, where he was born. After years of working in the Boeng Choeung Ek dump, his father became a moto-taxi driver. His mother works in a factory. Earning less than 200$ a month, they do not have the financial means to put their children to school. EFCC started taking care of Sokka and his siblings Sothea and Lyly in 2015. He managed to catch up very fast with his schoolmates’ level and is now at the top of the class.

SMEAN Sreynich

Sreynich started coming to the centre with her brother Len in 2014. Their parents and two other siblings had to go back to Prey Veng village, in the countryside, for financial reasons. That is why Sreynich and her brother stay with relatives in Russei. Full of energy, Sreynich always wants to participate in activities. She has a strong temperament but is very affectionate and caring with her classmates.

RAI Rossa

Rossa is one of the first children EFCC took in, in 2014. He lives in Russei with his parents and his brother Rossy. His parents both work in the Boeng Choeung Ek dump. When he arrived, Rossa was suffering from many foot lesions. Thanks to daily care and regular work, our little Rossa is now healthy and full of life.

Our children