Ready to engage yourself in a volunteering experience abroad? Become a volunteer in Cambodia for a humanitarian mission. Our NGO is now recruiting!

Throughout the year, volunteers come and offer their time and support to EFCC. The centre operates autonomously thanks to its Khmer staff (teachers, cooks, drivers, etc.), and the volunteers provide added value to the NGO.  With their skills and their willingness, volunteers take part in many projects to help EFCC to grow. To best fulfil all the ONG’s tasks, we are looking for volunteers working in the following areas: Marketing & Communication, Management & Accounting, Childhood & Social and Arts and Crafts.

Our NGO welcomes four to eight volunteers at a time, for a period of two months minimum.

The main mission of the volunteers is to contribute to the development of the NGO. Depending on their capabilities and experience, volunteers will help by improving communication, finding new partnerships, fulfilling administrative tasks (reports, translation, etc.), and fundraising. Also, thanks to the diversity of our volunteers’ backgrounds and the support from EFCC staff, you are able to set up new projects ! Indeed, volunteers are welcomed and encouraged to bring some fresh ideas.


Finally, you will participate in daily tasks, such as helping the kids during their lunch, preparing and taking part in sport and activities with them, so you can share time with the kids.

Volunteers make a financial contribution to the NGO in order to cover their housing and food expenses, but also to help us finance our projects. Volunteers contributions are a secure and stable source of funding, which, with sponsorship and donations, allow us to function on a daily basis and to grow. Unlike larger charities and organisations, 95% of the money raised by EFCC, goes directly for the benefit of the children. Only a small amount is used for administration and local fees

Are you a student looking for an internship? Doing a gap year? You want to lead a school project abroad and contribute to humanitarian aid at the same time?

You can also use any existing partnership between EFCC and your school to become a volunteer abroad.

Apply and join us!

If you wish to volunteer at EFCC, send us your resume and personal statement at INFO@EFCC.NGO