Ready to engage yourself for a volunteering experience abroad? Become a volunteer in Cambodia for a humanitarian mission. Our NGO recruits.

Volunteering Overseas from 2 to 6 months

All year long, numerous volunteers offer their time and support to EFCC. The centre operates autonomously thanks to its Khmer staff (teachers, cookers, driver, etc.), the volunteers provide precious help to the NGO. Coming with their skills and their willingness, volunteers take part in many projects to help EFCC grows. To best fill all the ONG’s tasks, we are looking for volunteers working in the following areas: Marketing & Communication, Management & Accounting, Childhood & Social.

The main volunteer’s task is to help to grow the NGO. Four to eight volunteers work in shifts each month. Volunteers stay for a minimum of two months.

Depending on their capabilities and experience, volunteers help with improving communication, finding new partnerships, administrative tasks (report, translation, etc.), and fundraising. Also, thanks to the diversity of volunteers’ backgrounds and EFCC human size, you are able to set up a new project, it is how it has always worked here! Volunteers are welcomed and even encouraged to bring some fresh ideas. Finally, you participate in daily tasks such as helping serve children’s meals. You take part in manual, creative and sports activities and so you can share time with the schoolchild.

Volunteers make a financial contribution to the NGO in order to cover their housing and food expenses. It also helps us in financing our projects. Volunteers’ contributions are a secure and stable source of funding, which with sponsorship and donations, allows us to function on a daily basis and to grow.

Apply and join us!

If you wish to volunteer at EFCC, send us your resume and personal statement at INFO@EFCC.NGO